Visit Arctic Europe II Sales Workshop 2019

3.- 5. September Levi

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September 3-5, 2019
Duration: 3 Days
Levi, Finland
Levi, Finland
214 Participants

Practical information:

Airport transfers:

Transfer from KITTILÄ Airport -  Levi  - KITTILÄ airport

We’ll have Levi Tour for Buyers that will start from the KTT Airport after flight AY637 13:15 has landed.
If someone (seller or other stakeholder) arrives on the same flight you can get dropped off in Levi with the same bus.
Participants for Levi Tour: Please join the bus depending on your accommodation:

  • Hotel Panorama
  • Levi Hotel Spa 
    Those of you who have arrived already previous day, you'll get picked up from your hotel between 13.34 - 14.00.

12:30 Levi Panorama / Levi Summit 
12:45 Kittilä Airport  (AY637)

Transfer from ROVANIEMI - Levi - ROVANIEMI
15.00 Arctic City Hotel, Pekankatu 9
15.15 Rovaniemi Airport  (bus will wait D8122 14:50 flight)
~17.15 Levi

12.30 Hotel Levi Panorama / Levi Summit
14.30 Rovaniemi Airport
~14.45 Arctic City Hotel 

These airport transfers are free for participants.

Please make sure to reserve a seat:

If you'll arrive or depart different day or flight, there is Airport bus from Kittilä airport 
8€ one way, 14€ return

Distance to Kittilä airport 15km (15 minutes)
Distance to Rovaniemi airport 170km (2 hours)

Levi Taxi:
+358 200 99800

Train stations:
Nearest train station is in Kolari 80km (1 hour)
Distance to Rovaniemi trainstation is 170km (2 hours)

Bus schedules

If you have any questions, please contact:
Maikku Raittimo / Visit Arctic Europe II
+358 40 5679800,


Map of Levi:

Hullu Poro to Levi Hotel Spa 600m
Hullu Poro to Hullu Poro Areena 200m

Lapland Hotel Sirkantähti to Levi Hotel Spa 500m
Lapland Hotel Sirkantähti to Hullu Poro Areena 500m

Levi Hotel Spa to Hullu Poro Areena 600m


What is included:

VAE II -project is going to cover all arrangements in regards to the Sales Workshop for one person from each company.
That is accommodation for maximum two nights in Levi (3.-5.9), two dinners, two lunches and all meeting facilities. If you're willing to arrive earlier or to stay longer, you may do this at your own cost.

Accommodations are divided in these VAE II participating hotels:
Hotel Levi Panorama
Hotel Hullu Poro
Lapland Hotels Sirkantähti
Levi Hotel Spa

The only thing you have to cover yourself is your travel costs.

Extra participant:

Participation fee for one extra person:
  • 400 EUR includes two nights accommodation in own room, two dinners and two lunches.
  • 240 EUR includes two nights accommodation in shared room, two dinners and two lunches.
  • 200 EUR includes no accommodation, two dinners and two lunches
  • 60 EUR includes, only workshop participation and lunches, no accommodation, no dinners 

Cancellation fee for Workshop:
Cancellation fee of 400 EUR will occur if you cancel you participation after 3rd of August.

Cancellation fee for Pre- and posttours:
Cancellation fee of 400 EUR will occur if you cancel you participation after 3rd of August